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The factory is located in Skopje, within the former industrial complex "Mines and Iron works - Skopje" southern gate.
St. 16 Macedonian Brigade No.18 Skopje
+389 (02) 3287 630; +389 (02) 3287 631
+389 (02) 3287 673
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Our team:

Slave Nikolovski mail: darkos_dooel@yahoo.com

Kostadin Nikolovski mail: kostadin@darkos.com.mk

Darko Nikolovski mail: darkos@darkos.com.mk

 Filip Nikolovski mail:  fillip@darkos.com.mk




Plant is  located in the circle of Skopje Zhelezara the south gate. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Feel free to write us any kind of comment regarding our website or our work. We would appreciate your effort and would try to improve our work according to your suggestions..